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Civil Litigation
Property Litigation
Family Law

Civil Litigation

When you have been injured by another person either physically or financially, you may have the right to recovery. I handle a variety of different causes of action, including personal injury, assault, negligence, employment, real estate fraud, collections,  landlord tenant actions, and family law.  My focus is real estate fraud and elder abuse. Because I know the law and I am in the courtroom almost every week I am ready to take on your lawsuit. I will craft your lawsuit with great precision, and fight intelligently for you. The sooner that you contact me the sooner I can get started on protecting your rights.

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Real Property Litigation

Real property litigation is one of the more complex areas in Michigan law. Because real property is the most valuable asset for most homeowners and many businesses, it is essential that the client have an experienced real property litigator.  Real property fraud comes in more than one form. A seller has a duty to give notice of defects to the buyer. However, an unscrupulous seller can hide defects that impact the value of the property or lie about the condition of the property. Crafty con artists can take advantage of sellers who lack proficiency in English or who suffer from dementia. With a population that includes many more aged people, property fraud of the elderly has become a major problem.

While your attorney should know the practical issues surrounding fraud, he needs to have a firm grasp on the technical aspects of the law. I live and breathe that crucial area of law called the election of remedies. I know how the election of the inconsistent remedies of rescission and money damages can impact your case. I have the knowledge to navigate this complex, and times convoluted, area of Michigan law.  I consult with my client prior to litigation to determine the short and long-term goals. I don’t just file a lawsuit. I need to know what my client hopes to achieve with the legal complaint so that I can pursue the most appropriate avenue. I prepare the litigation with great attention to detail. My experience at the trial level and my skill in cross-examination make me a fierce advocate in the courtroom.

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Family Law

So you are you thinking about seeking a divorce or contesting child custody. These types of cases can be the most stressful ones. My role is to take some of the stress out of the situation, and to help you get what you deserve. I know that family law cases can involve a great deal of evidence. It comes in the form of documents as well as witnesses. Unlike most other types of civil cases, much more of the evidence is admissible. This makes these cases challenging, and that is why you deserve an experienced litigator to handle your case.

I handle all aspects of divorce law. Whether you are dealing with an uncontested divorce or a contested one that goes to trial, I will be there with you every step of the way. I investigate the financial records and demand that you receive a fair settlement.

A child custody case may involve every type of evidence. Financial and employment records, medical records, photographs of alleged abuse, and witnesses are some of the evidence that may arise in this type of case. You need a lawyer who takes a very close look at every piece of physical evidence, and who has the skills to handle both direct examination of friendly witnesses, and cross-examine of hostile witnesses.

For a free initial consultation call (517)402-5229


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