Because even a first time drunk driving charge can result in severe penalties you need to speak with an attorney before you appear in court. Loss of driving privileges, probation that requires alcohol and drug testing, and fines are some of the harsh punishments for driving after having a few drinks. Typically the police officer will pull you over based on reasonable suspicion that you are intoxicated or driving in manner that is not safe. Reasonable suspicion can be contested resulting in you winning your case.

A drunk driving charge is largely based on physical evidence such as the manner of your driving, and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Because physical evidence plays such a major role, statements made by the driver are usually not the main part of the case against you. Still, you should you be very careful about telling the police officer about what you were doing. When in doubt invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. Statements can be used against you in a court of law.

While most people refer to drunk driving as DUI, in Michigan the charges are OWI Operating While Intoxicated, and OWVI Operating While Visibly Impaired. You can be charged with OWI for demonstrating a BAC of .08. For many people it only takes two to three drinks to hit a BAC of .08. A BAC of .17 can result in even more sever penalties.

If you have a clean record we may be able to get the prosecutor to agree to reduce your OWI to a OWVI. We use our strong negotiating skills to reduce charges and penalties.

If you have been charged with an intoxicated driving offense. we are ready to work on your case. There are many steps in a criminal case, and the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can start working on your case.


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